2014 MNCGA Highlights


Reflecting back, it’s hard to imagine that your Minnesota Common Ground Alliance (MNCGA) would have come so far so fast.  Thanks to many dedicated professionals from all areas of the excavation world, willing to share their time and resources, we accomplished everything we set out to do in 2014.  No change in our strategy and emphasis in 2015 - save lives and prevent costly damages through education, better tools, and stakeholder involvement.


Damage Prevention Meetings

One of our main goals was to provide an interface so all stakeholders could find and register for a Damage Prevention Meeting (DPM) by going to one place.  If you haven’t checked out the website to see how simple it has become, and check it out on the event calendar. With DPM’s coming up early next year, it’s a great time to get a DPM on your calendar.

Day of the Dozers

An opportunity to partner with the MN Utility Contractors Association (MUCA) led us to one of the most fulfilling activities we participated in this year – The Day of the Dozers.  This was a great event to interact with kids, homeowners, and the excavation community in general.  Check out the video on our web page. Hope you join us next year as a sponsor or participant!

811 Run

As we try to reach homeowners with our message, we took a page from the National CGA and with help from many key contributors and volunteers sponsored the 2nd annual 811 run here in MN.  We had 316 runners, and half again that many family members participate in the after race activities.  See what a great time it was at our 811 Run page on Facebook.  We will be doing it again next year so get out your running shoes!

Ag Awareness

We perceive that unique damage prevention issues need to be addressed in Minnesota’s rural/agricultural areas.  In addition to awareness events, we are also focusing on providing information and  practices to reduce the “growth” of damages involved with ag tiling, ditching, soil sampling, and road right-of-way farming operations.  We have made some excellent headway in the past year.  Find out more on our Committees page.

Best Practices

By identifying and developing damage prevention related Best Practices, the MNCGA believes that we can further reduce damages.  We are expanding awareness that not ALL facilities (i.e. private facilities) get marked when a one-call ticket is generated, and developing “best practices” that may identify these facilities before damage. We are working to put those best practices on paper to further improve our collective ability to improve excavation safety and damage prevention.  Existing best practices are found on the National CGA website.

We welcome all stakeholders in Minnesota to join our membership. There are many opportunities to volunteer and become involved in working groups. It’s free and we can only address the concerns and needs of our membership by getting their continual feedback and input.  To find out more about the MN Regional CGA or to add your own damage prevention events to the digital calendar, visit our website at http://www.mncga.com/.

Submitted by Chuck Jensen, MNCGA Chairperson

Written by the MNCGA volunteer team