Ag Awareness Committee


Ag Awareness (Claude Anderson)

The Ag Awareness Team was created to improve safety and reduce damage to underground facilities in agricultural and rural areas

The purpose of this committee is to review the Statute 216D and get input on changes, education on utilizing the One Call system in the rural areas, especially for tiling, and creating a statewide resource for agricultural issues such as drain tiling.

Joining our team will provide opportunities to:

  • Provide your input for suggesting changes to the Dig Law (MS216D)
  • Obtain current safety publications focusing on rural excavation issues.
  • Obtain and share up to date information on best practices for excavation safety
  • Help increase rural participation in Call 811
  • Increase the effectiveness of your damage prevention activities by cooperation and coordination with other stakeholders.

We are actively looking for representation from the following stakeholders:

  • Operators
  • Locators
  • Excavators
  • Educators
  • Farmers/Landowners
  • Farmers/Rental
  • Tile Installers
  • Excavation Equipment Dealers
  • Tile Manufacturers
  • Other Rural Utilities
  • Crop Consultants
  • Rural Focused Interest Groups/Organizations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Relators

Presentation Flyers

These flyers can be used as handouts when giving presentations for Ag Awareness.

8x11 Flyer

3 Panel Flyer

Farm Elevator 811 Poster


2015-1 - Farming Road Right-Of-Way

2015-2 - Agricultral Soil Sampling

2015-3 - Agricultral Drainage

2015-4 - Private Facilities

Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2016

November 4, 2015

July 8th, 2014