Damage Prevention Seminars Committee


DP Meetings (Crystal Gorres)

The purpose of the DP meeting group is to provide a resource for the scheduling and setting up of DP meetings statewide.

2014 Goals

-        Follow-up on DP meeting surveys from 2014 DP meetings, including communicating results and recommending changes

-        Survey the DP Coordinators after the 2014 DP meetings on the following:

$1o   What they would like to see on the website and from CGA

$1o   Ask if they used the web site and their thoughts

$1o   Getting involvement and participation

$1o   To communicate 2015 scheduling changes

-        Set up web site to better schedule 2015 DP meetings.  This will include blocks of time the speakers will be in various parts of the state.

-        Creating a DP meeting group and getting more involvement by DP Coordinators