Damage Prevention Meeting Best Practices

Meeting Content

Sponsor Video Display Loop

Showing on the screen prior to official meeting start

Safety Video

Digging Dangers
Industry Appropriate

Master of Ceremonies 


GSOC Presentation

15-20 Minutes

Overview and highlight changes or issues

MNOPS Presentation

15-20 Minutes

Based on Trends and Issues - use real examples

Lessons Learned

Other Speakers

15-20 Minutes

Ideas for Speakers (appropriate to your group)

  • Fire Department
  • OSHA
  • First Responders Insurance Rep
  • Safety Equipment Rep Professional Locator
  • MNDOT State Patrol
  • Commercial Vehicles Testimonials-Past Incident
  • Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Utility Media/Communications Department

Volunteers and Availability

Set up ahead of time with outline of presentation content for review by sponsor committee

Utility Update by Utility Class 

  • Natural Gas 5 Minutes
  • Liquids 5 Minutes
  • Electric 5 Minutes
  • Communications 5 Minutes

Cover what is “unique” about your utility class that is not covered in other presentations

One Rep for each to speak for class

Q&A’s 15-20 Minutes

  • Hands Up questions
  • Paper on table for questions-allows for anonymous questions
  • Both

Door Prizes Awarded Between Speakers

10-15 Minutes

Length of Presentations: Set Expectations to limit meeting time to about 2 hours which is met by the above timeline