MN Regional CGA Charter

What We Do

  • Create educational materials for our members
  • Propose and advocate for regulation changes to agencies and professional groups
  • Recognize top performers
  • Represent at regional, state and nationwide conferences
  • Provide a member communication system

Key Influential Factors

  • The One Call Law
  • Regulatory oversight
  • Shared responsibility and cooperation
  • Communication between excavators, utilities, facility operators and locators
  • Patterns in weather and work volume


  • Share information
  • Reduce underground damages

Result Measurements

  • Create and maintain a website
  • Collect damage statistics
  • Increase member participation

Member Selection

Membership is open to all stakeholders with a genuine interest in reducing damages to the underground infrastructure. All stakeholders are represented by a member on the CGA Board of Directors.

  • Electrical
  • Engineering and Design
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Excavation
  • Gas Distribution
  • Gas Transmission
  • Insurance
  • Location
  • Utility Coordinating Committee
  • Petroleum Transmission
  • One Call
  • Public Works
  • Railroads
  • Road Builders
  • State Regulation
  • Telecommunications
  • Emergency Services
  • Anhydrous Transmission
  • Oil Transmission

Officer Rotation Guidelines

Officers will serve a two-year term comprised of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary. After nomination and seconded nomination, all members vote. Officer roles may be modified to ensure balanced representation of various stakeholder interests.

Officer Responsibilities


  • Lead and set agenda for meetings
  • Encourage member participation
  • Moderate disagreements between members
  • Select special meeting topics
  • Represent at meetings with regulatory agencies and professional groups

Vice Chairperson

  • Assume duties of chairperson in their absence
  • Assist chairperson with all responsibilities defined in the chairperson role
  • Lead special projects as assigned by MNCGA
  • Participate as a member


  • Record and distribute committee meeting minutes
  • Follow-up on action items identified in previous meetings
  • Monitor member communication system 
  • Participate as a member


  • Positively represent MNCGA
  • Actively participate and contribute in and out of committee meetings
  • Support at least one MNCGA activity each year
  • Share the MNCGA message with the community at large
  • Mentor and coach new members