Membership Pledge

By joining the Minnesota Regional Common Ground alliance, we/I agree to take part in the shared responsibility to encourage the pursuit of best practices in the damage prevention community. In so doing, we/I believe these best practices contribute to the advancement of the damage prevention industry.

Every member is responsible for remaining up to date on regulatory requirements and key factors that affect Minnesota’s underground facilities, including:

  • One Call Law
  • Regulatory Oversights
  • Weather Influences
  • Communication Between Excavators, Facility Operators and Locators
  • Work Volume Patterns
  • Technological Advances

If you pledge to uphold your duties and abide by all damage prevention best practices, please fill out a membership form.

Join a Committee

MNCGA has six planning committees that determine the direction of the group and develop future initiatives. These committees hold separate meetings. Anyone is welcome to sign up and participate.

Develop best practices for discussion in MNCGA meetings, and to be presented at statewide Damage Prevention Meetings and also generate a “Toolbox of Suggested Content” for Damage Prevention Meetings.

Develop underground safety programs and events for both professional excavators and the general public.

Coordinates special events such as the 811 Run and assists with the Day of the Dozer.

Coordinate outreach, support social media and assist with special projects.

This committee is responsible for continued development of the MN Regional CGA Website. Also establishing communication with local Utility Coordinating Committees and local governments to better plan, organize and schedule MNCGA meetings.

Co-ordinate outreach, support social media and assist with special projects.

If interested, please contact for more information.